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How does EdgePetrol Calculate my Gross Margin?
How does EdgePetrol Calculate my Gross Margin?

Gross Margin

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EdgePetrol calculate your Gross Margin by dividing your Gross Profit by volume of retail fuel sold.

Gross Profit is derived by taking your total retail fuel sales (exc VAT) minus the total cost of the fuel sold.

The cost of fuel sold is calculated using FIFO blended methodology. This methodology factors in both new and older fuel deliveries when calculating the cost of fuel in your tanks. Where older deliveries had a different cost price to the recent delivery, Edge weights and blends the two cost prices to provide a more accurate blended cost of fuel in the tanks.

Each time a customer fills up we take this from the older fuel first. Edge will then re-weight and blend the cost of fuel in your tanks.

The gross margin in your portfolio header is the overall weighted gross margin so far today. This will likely change throughout the day as your mix of fuel grades sold changes, and/or the cost of fuel in your tanks change, and/or you make a pole price change!

You may see a difference in the gross margin by grade at the top of the page v the gross margin displayed in wetstock analysis. The below margins are calculated using the above methodology for overall sales so far today.

The gross margin displayed in the 'Wetstock Analysis' widget is the current margin for the next litre of fuel sold, based on your current pole price and current blended cost of fuel in your tanks.


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