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How does Wetstock Analysis work?
How does Wetstock Analysis work?

Margin and cost price explanations

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Wetstock Analysis displays the following data:-

  • Total litres of fuel by grade left in your tanks.

  • The blended cost of fuel in your tanks right now:-

    • To calculate this, Edge factor in both new and older fuel deliveries - which may have been received at different cost prices. We weight and blend these costs to give you a more accurate blended cost. Each time a customer fills up, we deduct this from the older fuel first (First In First Out). Edge is constantly re-weighting and blending the cost of fuel in your tanks.

  • Replacement cost - the cost of fuel if you were to receive a delivery from your fuel supplier today.

  • Margin - your gross margin (exc VAT) per grade calculated using your current blended cost and your current pole price. This is your margin for the next litre of fuel sold.

You may see a difference in the gross margin by grade at the top of the page v the gross margin displayed in wetstock analysis. The below margins display your overall gross margins so far today.

If you just changed your pole price at midday for example, there will be a morning's worth of margins calculated using the previous pole price.

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