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How does Edge account for bunkering?
How does Edge account for bunkering?
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Edge focusses on the retail fuel by stripping out bunkered fuel transactions on your portfolio header and within the individual station page. Bunkered volumes can be seen on the single site view under the volume tab and also on performance reporting. 

You can view today's commission made through bunkered sales on the single site view under the Margin tab.

If you wish to see the impact bunkering commission has on your profit, you can view this in real-time and month to data on the individual station view by clicking on the profit tab and then selecting 'Business Profit.'

Business Profit = Gross Profit - fuel card fees + bunker commission

You can also view Business Profit in performance reporting by selecting 'show fuel cards.'

NB: Edge is not able to detect the difference between a bunkered fuel and a retail fuel delivery and will assume that all deliveries are retail fuel.

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