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How can I be sure that the data on EdgePetrol is up-to-date?
How can I be sure that the data on EdgePetrol is up-to-date?
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Edge connect to your POS to obtain transaction data (and also dips depending on your set-up). Once the transaction data is received it goes through an Edge hygiene process before the data is visible in the EdgePetrol App. To check when Edge last received a transaction hover over the transaction indicator in single station view.

Edge receive dips readings from your tanks either hourly or daily. If we are connected to your dips via a wetstock manager, these readings will be hourly. If we are receiving this data via your POS this could be hourly or daily depending on your POS. Hover over the dip indicator to check when we last received a dip.

To see when EdgePetrol last received a cost price hover over the cost price indicator. This will be red if we do not have an up-to-date cost price for your site.

If you are a single site customer of EdgePetrol, the connectivity status is shown at the top of your homepage.

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