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How can I see my competitor's pricing?
How can I see my competitor's pricing?
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If you have agreed to share your 'live' prices and one of your competitors is also subscribed to EdgePetrol (and also agreed to share their 'live' prices), then you will be able to their live pole prices in the App. This is indicated by the Edge logo next to the competitor and their pole price.

UK Only

The App is connected to the government Pumpwatch pole price data.

This is a voluntary scheme where the following companies submit their daily pole prices which are made available to the public via the scheme.

Asda, Morrisons, Tesco and Sainsbury’s

Esso Tesco Alliance

BP, Shell, and Jet Retail UK company owned sites





Moto Hospitality

If you wish to add on any competitors to your account contact There is no charge for this.


myAutomate purchased the All Star pricing data which was previously subscribed to retailers by Experian Catalist. Should you have a myAutomate subscription, EdgePetrol can display this data in the competitor prices section of the EdgePetrol app.

US Only

If you have an OPIS Retail Fuel subscription, Edge can connect to this to deliver competitor prices in App in the 'Competitor Prices' widget. OPIS polls competitor prices 4 times per day via fuel card payments.

If you do not have this but are interested in subscribing to OPIS Retail Fuel, please contact your CSM or who will be able to put you in touch with our contacts at OPIS.

Manual entry of competitor prices (UK and US)

There is also the option to manually edit competitor prices. Some of our customers provide Station Managers with restricted access so that they can login and only view the competitor prices widget. If station managers are collating competitor prices by 'drive-by', they can then enter these pole prices in the App.

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