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How is my margin forecasted?
How is my margin forecasted?

This feature is only available for customers with two or more sites when you select edit prices from the portfolio view homepage.

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*Step 1 - We need to forecast the individual margins per station per fuel grade*

Every hour we look at the margin on every station and every fuel grade and we estimate the future margin based on the current trend.

*Step 2 - We need to forecast the ‘Volume Scalars’*

A ‘volume scalar’ is the percentage of total company volume that comes from a given station/grade.

To forecast the volume scalars we look at the volume behaviour for the previous 3 weeks and take an average across this period adjusted for weekly seasonality, i.e. we don’t compare a Monday volume against a Saturday volume.

*Step 3 - We can then forecast your Company Margin for Midday tomorrow*

We do a weighted sum of the individual forecasted margins calculated in step 1, using the volume scalars as the weights from step 2. Then we add/subtract any price changes that you are aiming to make to then give you your forecasted margin for Midday tomorrow.

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