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How does BuySmart Analysis work?
How does BuySmart Analysis work?

BuySmart Analysis

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In order to show you the estimated time until your fuel tanks become empty we run a three step process in the background.

Firstly we make use of the historical volume sales for each of your tanks to understand their normal behaviour. We then apply a statistical model to forecast the sales of each tank for the upcoming 14 days. This is done on a daily basis so that the model always has the latest data and is able to adapt to any recent changes.ย 

After that, by using the latest dips from your tanks and all the transactions since the dip was taken we calculate the current volume of fuel left in your tank.

The last step is to calculate how many days the fuel in your tanks will last until they run dry. This is done by taking the current fuel level of the tank and then subtracting our forecasted volumes until we get to 0 or negative volume.

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