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Why is my login not working?
Why is my login not working?

Difficulty logging in or accepting the EdgePetrol Invitation

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Please note all passwords should contain at least one uppercase, at least one lowercase and at least one number.

Login no longer working

If you have previously been able to log into the EdgePetrol App, but now cannot access the App, try using the reset password functionality. You should then be sent a link to reset your password.

If you do not receive this link or you receive this link but it still isn't working for you, please contact and forward any email / screen shot with the error message included.

After multiple attempts of trying an incorrect password, your account will automatically lock. Please contact support in this instance.

First time trying to login as full user

You should have received an email as per below (please check your SPAM if not).

Please note that if you do not accept this invitation within two weeks of receiving this, then you will need to contact to generate a new link.

If you click on 'Accept Invitation' and nothing happens, try copying and pasting the web address provided below your invite into your browser. The address on your invite will be unique to your login so please do not try the version displayed above here!

You must complete all the set-up steps once you have clicked on 'Accept Invitation' to prevent logging in issues next time you try to log in.

Please contact if you are still experiencing issues.

Station Managers as Price Change Notification Users

As a station manager you may have been set up by the fuel pricer to receive price change requests via EdgePetrol, BUT with no access to the EdgePetrol platform. For GDR compliance, Edge will still send you an invitation which you will need to accept, with an opt into SMS option. Please complete the 'Finish account set-up section.'

If you opt in, this means that the person making pole price decisions can you send you an SMS text and email with requested pole price changes, through the EdgePetrol platform.

Once complete, please click on the 'Start using EdgePetrol' button. You should then see this final screen below which means that you are all set up to receive pole price change requests.

Please contact if you are experiencing any problems with this.

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